Dog Groomers Treat Plush Toy to ‘Relaxing Spa Day’ Before Reuniting it With Little Boy


When a little boy in Maine was reunited with his lost plush toy last week, he couldn’t have imagined the adventures his puppy had seen.

All because the groomers at the Lavish Dog Day Spa, after discovering the lost toy, decided to give it some pampering while they searched for the stuffed dog’s owner.

A bubble bath, shampoo, a good combing, and a shiny blue bow were all part of the toy’s big day.

And, they documented it all in photos.

They wanted to put a smile on the boy’s face, and let him know his toy wasn’t alone.

By Sunday morning, the pampered pup was back in its owner’s arms.

“Thank you so much for looking out for my son’s puppy,” the boy’s mother wrote on Facebook. “He was so happy to be reunited with him.”

The unnamed pup was a lucky dog because this dog day spa outside Portland was the finest place to be left behind.